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Case Studies

Providing the Ideal Solution for Our Clients

Allow us to introduce just a few of the many clients that have gotten real results thanks to the integration of the NSK workflow.

Make A Box Co., Ltd.Make A Box Co., Ltd.
Aiming for efficiency and quality improvement by using NSK systems.

Industry: Die-making
Products: NS-Crease Line 8ATC

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Yokohama Litera Co., Ltd.Yokohama Litera Co., Ltd.
Efficiency skyrocketed 40% after the introduction of the NSK workflow suite.

Industry: Printing and packaging
Products: Kongsbergs, ArtiosCAD, PicSYS

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株式会社アルク様Alc Co., Ltd.
Counter plate production turn-around time was drastically reduced while improving quality.

Industry:Cutting and Counterplates
Products:ArtiosCAD、CREASE LINE

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