ATL - Automatic Tape Loader

Automated Taping Realized with ATL

Automatic Tape Loader is a taping machine that can automatically apply double-sided tape to sales promotion displays. Simply set the taping positions in the software and realize levels of precision taping that are impossible by hand. Using optional heads, Velcro tape and magnetic tape application are also possible. With the automation of taping that was until now done by hand, companies can strive to reduce manual taping work using ATL.

ATL's Movie

Easy Setup with ATL's Dedicated Software

ATL's Dedicated Software

Sheets Are Moved Automatically After Taping


Head Arrangement for the Right Application

Use optional tape heads to make Velcro and magnetic tape application possible.

Head Option

Speed Increase Possible

Applying the Double-Speed (DS) option allows for even higher-efficiency taping work.

Speed Increase

Machine Specifications

Model ATL - Auto Tape Loader
Working Materials Corrugated, Paperboard
Max Working Size 1400mm × 1200mm
Min Working Size 200mm × 400mm
Machine Size 2675mm × 3448mm × 2235mm
Tape Width 6mm ~ 25mm
Options DS - Double Speed (High Speed Machine)
VT - Velcro Tape Loader Head
MT - Magnetic Tape Loader Head