Multi Blanking Machine Series

Multi Blanking Machine: Blanking for Short Run Production


Able to process a wide variety of designs and cut the cost of making blanking dies.
Matching short-run production with high-precision blanking is now a reality.

The Multi Blanking Machine series is designed for short-run production of packaging, cards, mounts, and labels. In addition to a strong body to maintain stability, the servo motors and the ball-screw drive system make high levels of precision possible. The MBM has a powerful blanking pin system which provides high stability blanking by simply inserting the pins into the machine, and a frame that can be easily adjusted for any size by adjusting the frame screws. These two features allow the machine to flexibly handle a variety of blank shapes and sizes without the need to make separate blanking tools.

Multi Blanking Machine Series Features

Material Movement SystemMaterial Movement System

After the blanking material has been picked up, the sheets automatically slide into place, and blanking is performed efficiently.
*Platform Movement System available on SH300 and TH540 only.

Arrange Pins to the Proper ShapeArrange Pins to the Proper Shape

By simply arranging the pins, the MBM can blank a variety of product shapes and sizes.
*Extrusion by pins only on SH540 and TH540 (Material Movement System) models.

Ball-Screw and LM Rail Drive SystemsBall-Screw and LM Rail Drive Systems

By using the Ball-Screw and LM Rail Drive Systems, blanking precision with smooth and quiet operation is realized.

Safety Sensors

At the start of material settings or pickup, the sensors on the left and right will automatically stop the machine if they are blocked, and will start again when they are reconnected. Automatic pickup and conveyor belt options are also available.(contact us for more information)

Safety Sensors

Automatic Pickup and Conveyor Belt (Optional)

Automatic Pickup and Conveyor Belt (Optional)

MBM InterfaceMBM Interface

The easy-to-understand interface and control bar increase efficiency through controllability.

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Material raising and lowering functionality.

Dimensions: W1649×H1580×D1554mm

Automatic Lift Hand ForkAutomatic Lift Hand Fork

The hard work of lifting materials is made easier using the loading feeder, which can move up and down automatically.

The Multi Blanking Machine in Operation (Twin Head Model with Automatic Unloader Option)

2 Models Available According to Application

Multi Blanking Machine SH
(Single Head)

A single-head model for blanking straight-type, fixture-free designs. The machine is easy to operate.

Multi Blanking Machine TH
(Twin Head)

A twin-head model suited for blanking designs with nesting and fixtures, and for designs needing setups with different patterns. Its strong point is its flexibility to accommodate various types of designs.

Multi Blanking Machine Series Specifications

Multi Blanking Machine SH
(Single Head)
Multi Blanking Machine TH
(Twin Head)
Model SH300 SH540 TH540
Dimensions ∗1 2500×1800×2100mm 3300×1730×2060mm 4200×1730×2060mm
Machine Weight 2t 4t 5t
Max. Blank Size ∗2 300×300mm 540×410mm 540×410mm
Min. Blank Size 50×50mm
Max. Sheet Size 920×650mm 1080×780mm 1080×780mm
Min. Sheet Size 360×320mm 440×385mm 440×385mm
Compatible Bundle Height 60〜110mm 50〜100mm 50〜100mm
Min. Paper Weight 150g/u
Machine Speed 15〜25 stacks/min
Power Consumption ∗3 6Kw 9Kw 10Kw
Material Transfer Method ∗4 Platform Movement Type Material Movement Type Platform Movement Type ∗5 Material Movement Type

∗1: For machines with the conveyor belt option, machine size will vary. Please contact NSK for details.
∗2: Custom Max. Blank Sizes are possible. Please contact us for more information.
∗3: If Automatic Pickup and Conveyor Belt are included, power consumption will vary.
∗4: Depending on the shape of the blanks, the platform movement method may require a different shape to be made.
∗5: Please contact us for information about Platform Movement Type on the TH540.