Multi Layered cutting units to save space & increase productivity
Unique Cutting machine with unprecedented ideas

Current XY-driven cutting machines have reached their mechanical speed limit, and the only way to improve productivity is to increase the number of machines.
As an answer to this problem, NSK has developed a cutting machine with a completely new concept, in which the cutting units are made as compact as possible with a multi layered fashion, allowing free expansion of productivity while maintaining the same installation space.

A machine designed as a housing that can be placed in the office with sophisticated operability

The product design is based on the concept that anyone can use it easily and safely.
It is developed with the goal of eliminating difficult settings and operational know-how as much as possible, and using it sensiblyin the same way as using a multifunctional copy machine. This cutting machine supports unmanned operation, such as simultaneous processing of multiple jobs and automatic paper feeding and discharging.


Innovative multi layered cutting units

The number of cutting units can be from 1 to 3 according to your needs, andcan be added later. The machine equips with an epoch-making mechanism that can improve productivity without changing the installation space.
Since the timing of data flow and the type of processing data are completely independent at each cutting unit, the operation system can be exactly the same as having multiple cutting machines.


The number of cutting units can be configured between 1 and 3. Since each cutting unit moves independently, the machine exhibits the same work efficiency as having multiple cutting machines.


Standard tools include the press-cutting knife and ruled line tool necessary for package manufacturing.

Machine designed to be placed in an office

The machine has the appearance that does not look like a cutting machine and equipswith paper feed and discharge trays.
By adopting a style similar to the paper toner of a multifunction copy machine, users will be able to perform cutting like printing-out, making it ideal for installation in design offices.


The paper feed trays in which materials can be set according to size and type. Processing starts after automatically picking up materials from the trays.


After cutting, the paper is stacked in the pull-out paper feed trays, and can be taken out safely without stopping operation.

Operation Software

A touch panel type tablet terminal is used for operation. Difficult settings for a cutting machine that are unnecessary in daily operation have been eliminated as much as possible, realizing simple operability such as specifying processing jobs, managing processing status, etc.


Job management function


Material information management function


Machine Specification

Machine Size
2700mm×1500mm(Without Console)×2000mm
Machine Weight 1000kg (large caster is included.)
Max Material Sheet Size 329×483mm
Min Material Sheet Size 210×297mm
Stack Height ~110mm
Moving Speed Max 800mm/Sec
Max Prosessing Speed 600mm/Sec
Power Spec 3-Phase 200V(without COmpressed Air)
Cut Control Different data can be set for each layer.
Supported Materials PaperBoard to E-flute Corrugated Board (Up to 2mm thick)

∗ The photos and specification information posted are those in the development stage. Specifications subject to change without notice.


【Installation Simulator】Multi Layered Cutting Machine AR Data

You can simulateinstallationfrom various angles by using the displayed 3D model.

<Simulate using SmartPhone>

Press the AR button displayed to the right of the 3D model to activate the AR mode.
Simulation allows you to check the machine size and layout at the time of the installation.
※Some devices can use AR mode, while others cannot.


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