50 Years of Specialized CAD/CAM Experience, Utilized for SI & Robotics

With decades of system and machine development experience and advantages held in the market, NSK develops robot solutions to solve customers' problems, centered on robotics, AI, and IoT. As a systems integrator at its core, NSK proposes and builds smart factory concepts for the paper container packaging industry to solve the human resource shortage growing each passing year.


In-House Development

Software Development
NSK engages in the development of original software, database construction, and web application development.
We are involved in every step of the process, from consultation meetings with customers until implementation, and we develop AI and IoT applications that attract customer and industry attention alike.


Hardware Development
We also develop and manufacture new products at our own factory, customize existing products according to customer request, and develop robotics solutions.
We carry out the entire process, from machine conception to design, assembly, testing, delivery and installation.

iREX 2022 in Tokyo Japan.